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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

HEX "Highlight EXpress"



HEX "Highlight EXpress" double album available now featuring 50 of the best songs from previous albums (volume 1) and mixtapes (volume 2). A few new songs were also added making this the ultimate HEX collection in preparation for the new "Stigmatized Property" album (June) & "Stigmatized Prequel" mixtape (May). Check out the full tracklist:

Highlight EXpress Vol.1 (Albums)

1. Blunts For Breakfast
2. Toxic Fumes
3. TMI
4. Ready 2 Lift Off
5. Lyrikillz
6. Red Devil Dust
7. Boomslang
8. 420
9. Look Inside My Mind
10. Heavy Air
11. Stir Of Echoes
12. Rehmeyer's Hollow
13. Phantom Power
14. Automatic Creation
15. Skytop Trail
16. Fog Machine
17. Lurkin' In The Night
18. Darkest Hour
19. Crew Of Zombies
20. Postmortem
21. Scattered Remainz
22. Blown Fuse
23. Deadly Content
24. Fires Burn Below
25. Seasons Change


Highlight EXpress Vol.2 (Mixtapes)

1. Highlight EXpress
2. Full Crow Moon
3. Way I Do
4. Final Destination
5. Hand On Your Shoulder
6. 113420
7. Fire Dance
8. Fraud
9. Lyrical Dimension
10. Woods At Dark
11. Pareidolia
12. Chemtrailz
13. Highly Venomous
14. Snake Pit
15. In The Night Somewhere
16. Toxic World
17. Keystoned State
18. Block The Sun
19. I Don't Wanna Think Of You
20. Soon Forgotten
21. The Night Sequel
22. Ghost Fields
23. March Madness
24. Stay Alive
25. Not At The End


Tue, April 19, 2016 | link          Comments

Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Highlight EXpress" Update

Due to the mass amount of songs to remaster (45-50) the HEX "Highlight EXpress" double album will be released to download Tuesday, April 19th instead of April 15th. In case you missed it, "Highlight EXpress" is a 'best of' (1999-2015) type release in 2 volumes (albums/mixtapes). A few new songs are also added. Some songs that didn't make the cut for "Highlight EXpress" are featured on the "Scattered Remainz" mixtape (available now). These releases are in preparation for the "Stigmatized Property" album (CD/download) coming in June.



Thu, April 14, 2016 | link          Comments

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